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Hi I’m Becky.  I am 28.  I am married to Aaron and we have two kids; Myles and Leah.

When I was a kid I started making cards for my family and branding them Beckymakes.  My Dad still has most of his somewhere.  These cards were the beginning of my creations.  I remember making “perfume”, cookies, shoes out of cardboard, clothes for dolls(using a stapler before learning how to sew), multiple other sculptures, paintings and rearranging my bedroom every time I needed to clean it.

Naturally my favourite subject throughout elementary and secondary school was art.  So when it was time to decide what to take in my post-secondary studies, I wisely chose Commerce.  That lasted one semester.  Then I did what I should have and moved to Toronto to study Interior Design at Ryerson University.  It was a great 4 years, and one month after completing my degree, I moved back to Huron County and married Aaron.

We moved into our first house which he had purchased shortly after finishing high school and had completely gutted and renovated.  When I came into the picture, the house was almost done and ready for final touches(in fact, on our first date we went to Home Depot and chose hardware for the kitchen cabinets).  We lived in the house for only a few months before deciding to move closer to our jobs and start a new project.

Our second house which is the one we live in now was in move-in ready condition so there wasn’t much that needed to be done.  We painted all of the rooms and finished the kitchen, then last year added a garage on and put new siding on so the house is now pretty much how we want it.  The next projects will include finishing the attic into a master suite.

Myles was born October 1st 2010 and Leah was born October 22, 2012.  I am a stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with family and friends, likes to play board games and loves Jesus.  I hope to document the interesting, exciting or noteworthy things that I see, do, buy and make in order to remember and share this whirlwind time of life.

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