A Kitchen Facelift

Back in July when I was six months pregnant, I decided it was necessary to finish our ongoing kitchen project so I wouldn’t have to sit and think about what finishes I could use for the countertop any longer.  Up to this point we had painted the cabinets white and the walls a slightly different shade of green(as Aaron said), put on new hardware, and laid vinyl floor tiles(over an existing sheet vinyl floor-with the wrong glue).


Once convincing Aaron on a Friday night that it was in fact a good idea, we set out early the next morning to Ikea Etobicoke and met my sister for $.99 breakfast.  Classy…(Aaron had 2).  We picked up our countertop(Lagan Beech) and our new sink(Domsjo Single). Using this sink allowed us to have a continuous surface instead of seaming the wood tops like we would have had to if we had kept a conventional stainless steel sink.  Then we decided we may as well splurge on a new faucet(Hovskar) now that we had the new sink and counter.  Once all was said and done, we walked out with around $500 worth of goods, loaded up the Fit and headed home to get started.  

Usually I underestimate the amount of time something will take the two of us, but this time things actually went pretty smoothly.  By the time I had the countertops stained and sealed, Aaron had the old tops out, the cabinets altered for the new sink(which is meant for new cabinets that are a few inches deeper than our originals-but it still worked), and was ready to install the new tops.  By Sunday evening we had everything installed.  


Because of the old post-form countertop and the fact that layers of paint, putty and paper etc. had surrounded and were under it, the wall surface above the counter that we had originally thought we would just paint was pretty rough and in need of some finishing.  We decided that instead of trying to smooth out the surface we would put a backsplash up after all.  I figured the cheapest option would be white subway tiles and luckily they are an in stock item at the Rona in town.  We were going to do a full backsplash but thought that with the white sink it might be too much white. As a bonus doing a partial backsplash would be a fraction of the cost.  We opted for two staggered rows with white grout and satin schluter trim.  This added another $30 or so to the cost of our facelift.  Aaron did a great job with the tile on his next day off which completed the project in a little less than one week.


I was really happy with the results and with the fact that our kitchen went from blue cabinets, mint green walls, a white and pink vinyl floor, and a fake wood Formica countertop to what it is now for less than $1000!  



2 responses to “A Kitchen Facelift

  1. So excited and proud to see your first post Beck! You already know that I think the kitchen – and the rest of the house – look amazing. Can’t wait for your next post!

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