That’ll Wake You Up in the Morning!


That’s what the ladies at the fabric store said when I answered their question about what the fabric I was purchasing would be used to make.  Apparently it’s very bright… that’s why I chose it!  Quilts and Calicos in town has some really awesome fabrics and when I was there last week with a girlfriend helping her choose fabric for her soon-to-arrive baby’s room, I spotted this beauty from across the store and knew I needed to make something out of it!  

I decided on new kitchen curtains. The current valance and panel(singular because I went on a hiatus from them) were made of a heavier fabric that didn’t fold nicely and also really blended in with the walls.  This isn’t a bad thing but I thought it might be nice to have something really cheery for the dim winter ahead.  I also wanted panels that I could close on the west facing window above the sink because the sun sets right as I am preparing dinner in the winter and it is difficult to work with the sun glaring in.  

These curtains were very easy to make.  I just sewed the fabric together right sides in and then once I flipped it outside-in, I topstitched around the edges with a contrasting thread.  I didn’t sew a pocket or tabs or anything-instead used clip on rings.  These make panels extremely easy to create and switch up and they also slide really nicely.  

Anyway, I hope these curtains really do live up to the expectations of those ladies and “wake me up in the morning”!  If they’d help me cook, do the dishes and sweep the floor, that would also be great!


3 responses to “That’ll Wake You Up in the Morning!

  1. even more spectacular in real life! can’t wait to see your next project in action, perhaps a squirrel’s nest??? hmmm….

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