Winning Favour with the Garage Door

One night I was backing out of our garage to go out with friends and the garage door and I had a bit of a run in. Actually I full out just ran into her. I was flustered thinking about the things I needed to do and the people I needed to pick up and I backed out just a few inches too soon. Aaron notified me that our garage door opener is one of the fastest on the market so it couldn’t get much faster and the error was definitely mine. Well he was out of town so I bent it back as best I could and called the neighbour to put it back on its track and everything turned out fine minus a bit of a dent.

I thought I should try and make it up to our poor door by trying out a transformation I saw on pinterest. You can buy hardware from home depot to go on your ordinary garage door that makes it look like a carriage door. The hardware was $20 and took me about half an hour to install. I think it looks nice. It dresses her up a bit and I think she’s forgotten about the dent. I may still need to work on Aaron.




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