Girl(s) Room

Leah’s room has already been changed around several times since we moved in which isn’t surprising if you know me at all.  It still isn’t finished so maybe this is part one of this post. Once we found out we were expecting another baby (which was very shortly after we moved in), we knew that it was only a matter of time before one of the children’s rooms would be required to house two kids. We just had to wait and see which room it would be based on whether it was a boy or girl. Turns out it was another girl. Meet Evelyn!



She joined us August 1st.  We had another successful VBAC with her.  It was a little different experience than with Leah as she was a pound and a half heavier and labour was almost 24 hours, but it was a wonderful experience and we are so excited she is here with us and that no surgery was required!  We are doing really well and she has been sleeping “through the night” since her first week (I didn’t even know this was possible and take no credit for it! Maybe it was her large starting size or maybe she’s going to pull a fast one on me in the weeks to come.)

A couple of weeks before Evie joined us (side note: we are pronouncing it Eh-vie, not Ee-vie) we picked up a second-hand set of bunk beds from some friends.  Leah climbs out of her crib at will now so we figured she is probably ready for a bed.  The baby will be in with us for a while but we didn’t want to buy a single bed for Leah only to replace it with bunk beds in a couple of years when Evelyn is ready for a bed.  Before we had the baby we figured that if it was a boy, we would give the bunk beds to Myles and put his bed in Leah’s room.  Either way there would need to be bunks because the bedrooms are not big enough for two singles side by side if we wanted any floor space at all.  We opted to paint the beds so we were also waiting to find out what we were having before we picked a colour.  A few days after having a girl, we chose a light purple colour called Emile from Annie Sloan and painted the frame.  The same day, I discovered that Ikea was having a free shipping event, so I ordered mattresses, mattress covers and duvets.  I had two duvet covers and sheets already.  One set was mine when I was younger and one set came from Aaron’s sister who got it from her Aunt.  

I need to back up.  Lets see what the girl’s room looked like when we bought the house:IMG_1210

Blue walls and ceiling, blue grey trim, blue carpet.  We did the same thing we did in every room; ripped out carpet and window treatments, cleaned everything with TSP, patched ceiling, painted ceiling, painted trim, painted walls, changed receptacles and switches and put down new flooring.  I chose a light pink for the walls and the same carpet as we used in the other bedrooms, a neutral brown/greige.

This is what the room looks like now:




I made the curtains with a king size duvet cover that happened to match the single duvet I already had.  It cost $8 from a local buy and sell group and I added blackout fabric in between the layers.  The light filtering blinds are from Ikea.IMG_5424

The night stand and dresser are both painted with Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Kitchen Scale.

IMG_5429 IMG_5435



The bottom bunk is so cozy.  Leah has chosen to sleep on it about half the time since putting the beds in her room.

Like I said, the room isn’t completely finished.  There is nothing on the walls yet.  I had these wallflowers in there above the crib earlier


but now that the bunk beds are in that place, it is way too tempting for the kids to pull them off so I spackled the holes and have yet to put them up somewhere else.  We also need to build a rail for the top bunk but no one is sleeping up there yet.  

So there you have it.  For now 🙂



3 responses to “Girl(s) Room

  1. Wow it looks great Becky! I always wish you lived closer so that you could help me decorate my place and teach me some of your diy skills!

  2. So Beautiful! A sweet place for sisters to grow up together! I love the fabrics!

    By the way, I have a wooden removable rail that you may have. We just passed on the boys’ bunk bed 🙂

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