I’m back!  I have at least three kids buzzing around me at all times so my brain might not be fully here, but here’s a quick post nonetheless.  I think our bathroom is the only room in our house that I haven’t dedicated a post to (other than maybe our bedroom), so here it is.  The pictures are from my cell phone, they aren’t great, they’ll work.  Here’s the bathroom when we took possession.


I don’t really think I need to do any explaining here.. Other than when we went to take the wallpaper and tile off the walls we discovered that the walls were plywood, so we ended up gutting the entire bathroom.  We opened the shower right up to the ceiling, drywalled, tiled the shower and the floor and put in new fixtures.




Really happy about the double vanity.  We weren’t sure at first if it was necessary but it’s been great.  Because this is our only bathroom we are often simultaneously brushing teeth, doing hair, putting contacts in etc.  So it’s really nice to each have our own little space.  I love the subway tile in the shower but it seemed to take us forever to do.  I love the colour, its Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, but I don’t love that it shows so much dust and “fluff” from toilet paper and tissues, etc.  Oh well, you can’t win them all! 

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