Goodbye Fit, Hello CR-V

A couple of weeks ago Aaron and I decided that maybe our beloved little car was being outgrown.  It had really flexible seating options and cargo space and we had used it ourselves for everything from carting junk around to sleeping in on road trips so we figured it would be fine once a baby came along.  

The stroller ended up filling the entire trunk space and we couldn’t lay the seats flat because Myles was now occupying the back seat.  This could have worked for short trips but if we planned to travel there would be no space for our bags or Myles’ pack n’ play.  So we made a trip down to the Honda dealership and traded in little Fit for our new CRV.  It’s still not a monster of a vehicle but is quite a bit wider(enough to allow for armrests and a center console-suhweet!), has a lot more cargo space as well as 4 wheel drive for the winter.

As excited as we are about the new vehicle, I thought I would post a few pictures to remember the almost 80,000 km the Fit took us on.  We drove to Florida in 2008 for $47.  It was a little more coming back but still under $100 round trip for both of us! Plus we used it as a hotel on the way(as you can see in the photographs).  For family day weekend in 2009 we drove it to Boston and slept in it again on the way… in February…Brrr.  Last Christmas we drove it to Colorado.  We drove through Nebraska and Iowa at the tail end of one of the worst snowstorms I have ever been in and amazingly it stayed on the road when all we could see were cars in the ditch.  We have loaded it with bikes, camping gear, furniture, tools, the dog, and brought our baby home in it.  


But now it is time for new adventures in the new car and as Aaron said, a car really is just a hunk of metal.


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