We are almost late for Christmas!


Currently we are racing home to pick up gifts and dessert and continue racing to Aaron’s Aunt’s house for a family Christmas! I should note that we are only racing because I planned a family trip to the annual Umbra sale in Toronto which Aaron and Myles thoroughly enjoyed(as seen in photos) this morning. We left at 7:30 am and arrived at 9:45 to find an hour long line just to get in. I didn’t calculate that hour into the perfect timeline and as a result I spent 30 minutes flying through all the boxes while Aaron went with Myles and waited in yet another line to pay. What a great man. Anyway.. I thought I would take this time that is making us late to do something useful(maybe not useful) and post a few photos from the event. The sale is on tomorrow as well and most of the items I bought were $5.

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