The Squirrel’s Nest


This is the second car seat cover I made- you may have seen Myles in his in the last post.  It really is a great piece of baby gear, especially in the winter.  You can just stuff blankets in over the baby and then pull down the cover and they are snug as a bug and everything stays put!  

Actually I made this cover for a friend of mine who cleverly tagged it the Squirrel’s Nest after seeing Myles cozily peering out of his countless times.  It will be a baby gift for Myles’ anxiously awaited new buddy but the very-soon-to-be mother chose the fabric herself so I’m not ruining any surprises!

To make the cover I used a layer of flannel, a layer of cotton quilting batting and a layer of printed cotton(I found the fabrics for both covers from Quilts and Calicos again).  The approximate size for each of the layers is 40″ x 27″.  This allows for generous seams and lots of room to put your elastic or fix any mistakes you make!  The corners get rounded off and the layers are sewn together.  The hole is then cut out of the cover and it is flipped outside in.  The elastic gets put in next and then the hole is finished off with a strip of the flannel.  A flap is made to go over the hole with the same composition of fabric as the body.  I made this flap larger on the second cover because mine seemed like it could have used a little more overlap when it is especially windy etc.  The final step would be to add velcro to keep it closed in windy weather, which I have yet to do on either of them, but I think from using mine is a much needed addition. 

If anyone would like pointers on making their own cover let me know!  Or if you would like one made, I would love to help you out with that too!

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