In a previous post I said I had a great idea for Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews after going to the One of a Kind Show.  The great idea was these awesome superhero capes for some super kids.  The kids really like playing dress up and I thought it would be fun for them to each have their own personalized superhero cape!  

I made each of the kids a different colour and for the girls I put a heart with their initial on it on the back and for the boys I put on a crest with their initial on it.  I used satin which I found on sale at Fabricland and used velcro on the collar to keep it closed.  There are also elastic wristbands attached at the corners of the bottom of the cape to aid in “flying”.  I made them all the same size except for the littlest which I made a little shorter.

I’m attempting a scheduled post so I have yet to see their reactions, but am hoping they will find them as fun as I do!  I will add a picture of all 4 of them with their capes on at a later date!


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