Memories for Myles

For a while now-pretty much since we came home from the hospital, I have wanted to get all of Myles little things together and make a collage of some sort.  I was afraid I would lose all the little pieces i.e. bracelets, footprints, hat etc. and never have them later on, so I finally compiled them all today.  

A surprise trip to London this morning to pick up my sick husband from work, ended up with me quickly running into Michael’s with my 40% off coupon.  Everything I originally intended on picking up was already on sale including shadow boxes which were 50% off!  While Aaron was quarantined in the basement sleeping, I assembled all of Myles keepsakes in the shadow box.  In the box are his hat, my bracelets from both hospitals, his bracelet, his footprints, his “It’s a boy” card with all his info, ultrasound photos, his cord clamp and Aaron’s fancy hat from the OR.  I’m really happy to have it completed so I can display it and be reminded of that awesome day when we finally got to meet our little guy!


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