It’s a Good Thing

I got some exciting news when my sister called this afternoon to let me know that she had got tickets for the Unique Lives & Experiences Women’s Lecture Series in Toronto this spring.  The date we will be attending is June 6 and the speaker is….Martha Stewart!!  I’ll get to see my childhood inspiration talk about how she created an empire on good taste.  I first discovered MS around the age of 11 while watching a very informative episode of her show focussing on brooms.  Yes like the brooms that you sweep your floor with and yes I was a weird child.  Martha Stewart Living was one of the first websites that I ever went on.  Even if she does “know everything”, I am excited to hear her speak and will be looking forward to June.  


Speaking of Martha Stewart, I was in Michael’s last week (same trip as the last post) and picked up some of her scrapbooking paper with my 40% off coupon.  It matched the new theme I am doing in Myles’ room (yes I realize he is only 3 months old and already has a new theme happening in his room) and I thought I could make a couple of cute little pictures for his walls with it.  I also picked up a pack of matching stickers to create the pictures.  The paper included different woodland themed images including gnomes, foxes, owls, mushrooms, bugs, and woodgrain.

I got the frames from the dollar store so including the paper, stickers and frames these pictures came in well under $5 each.  I should also note they took about 3.5 seconds to complete.  “It’s a Good Thing”.

3 responses to “It’s a Good Thing

  1. So you are finally going to see your beloved Martha in person after all these years. You must be so excited!! I can absolutely picture you at 11 watching a special on brooms.. haha..

  2. ONLY YOU!! Brooms, seriously!! Too funny. Guess whatever inspires you. lol I Love the pics they have a super high cute factor!

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