Half Price Ornament Mobile

As soon as we crossed the border on Boxing Day we stopped at a Meijer and I saw these awesome Katie Brown Christmas ornaments that were half price!  I got really excited and probably bought too many but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity since I knew they would never have them again, and for an average price of $.70 a piece I’d like to think you can’t go wrong.  I knew immediately I wanted to make a mobile out of them since they didn’t look all that Christmasy and would fit in well in Myles’ room.  I bought the stick at Michael’s which was really kind of dumb because you can get sticks for free everywhere-including birch branches which is what I originally thought to make it with, but it was pretty cheap anyway so I’m not too worried.   

I started off by cutting the stick into three pieces and crossing them over each other.  I then drilled a little hole through all of the pieces and stuck a nail through the hole along with hot glue to hold everything in place.  I then used twine to wrap around the joint and make it look a little more rustic.  The next stage was a little tricky because I had forgot about physics and not made the 3 sticks anywhere near the same weight and hadn’t compensated for their difference in weight by intersecting them at an appropriate point.  Needless to say I spent a bit of time drilling and re-drilling holes in order to find the true center to put the eye hook in to hang the mobile.  Once I finally got that all right, I realized that the ornaments all had different weights and I could have just used them to counter-weight…yep.  Anyway I eventually got it all together and it looks pretty cute hanging above the crib.


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