$5 Slipcovers!

A couple of weeks ago, Myles, Sharlet and I set out on a Wednesday morning at 7:30 am to Ikea Burlington.  The were offering slipcovers for our sofas for only $5 for that day only!  They were only available in red at that price but this would mean that I could have all of my mismatched Karlstad sofa components the same colour and in the same room!  Like I said- I probably wouldn’t have chosen red BUT the regular price for these covers(or the green which I would have preferred) for my combination of sofas would have been $768 and I paid only $15 for the 3 pieces!  Insanity.  It was a little insane getting them too-I had to battle a few people which is why I was extremely grateful to Sharlet for coming along and staying with Myles in the car.  Anyway, once I got home I gathered everything in the house that would help the red fit in a little better; quilts, pillows, blankets etc. that I already had and that would help tone down the colour.  Aaron helped me move furniture around and get the covers on the next day and we got everything all set up.  


I am still sort of adjusting to the red, but the fact that it was so incredibly inexpensive makes me smile every time I look at it.  I eventually would like to get the green chaise and loveseat covers to match the sofa cover we already have but it won’t be in the budget for a while and in the mean time, we can enjoy hanging out on this one not worrying about spills, drool etc!

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