Myles’ Room-Almost Completed


Well- It’s been almost a month since I last posted and I’ve been lacking motivation to finish the one little project in Myles’ room that would make it complete so I figured I may as well post it today while the room is at least clean!  I still want to chop the bottom off of the side panels which are too long and make them into a crib skirt, but that will have to wait until a day that is not as beautiful as this one outside!

Now for the details of the room.

The birch tree stencil was actually not found by me at all- I have to give credit to a friend who first used it in her new basement.  It looked so good I asked if I could borrow it for Myles’ room.  The stencil came from Cutting Edge Stencils and there are tons of awesome designs available on the site.  It was a little finicky to use and ideally requires two people but the results are pretty cool.   


The buttons behind the crib are from Umbra and were purchased at last years sale.  They make a lot of neat wall art like this though- including butterflies, polaroid pictures, flowers, plates etc. etc.


The side panels were bought quite a while ago on a whim at Ikea on a wacky wednesday sale. They were hanging around moving from room to room not really fitting in anywhere until BAM- perfect place for them!

The artwork that I didn’t create came from a shop on Etsy called Persimmon and Pink who sells lots of really cute inspirational prints.


Hopefully Myles will enjoy hanging out and sleeping in this room for years to come!  I can’t wait to watch him grow up in it, adding his own little touches to make it his own.

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