Adventures with Cake


Wednesday night we attended a birthday party for a friend and earlier in the week I had volunteered to make the cake for the party.  In my last post I gave a link to Bakerella where I had found a great whatever-colour-velvet cake recipe and since I enjoyed it so much I decided to use the same recipe for this week’s cake-although this time I didn’t add any food colouring so it was a colourless-velvet cake.  I used 2 8″ round pans to make a double-layered cake as the base.  

I also decided to try out some cake-pops since they are so popular and since there is a really easy recipe to make them on Bakeralla’s blog.  I used chocolate fudge store bought mix for the pops as well as store bought icing because I figured I might mess them up anyway and didn’t want to be upset about scratch cake and icing being ruined.  I was right- I did add too much icing, but they still turned out alright, just were more difficult to shape into the cupcakes I was trying to create.  I won’t go into much detail about how I made them because there isn’t really a whole lot of detail and because you can find a plethora of recipes/info/youtube videos on how to make them online- but the basic idea is bake a cake, turn cake into crumbs, mix crumbs with icing, roll into shape, refrigerate, cover in chocolate or candy.  They were a fun experiment and would be great for a kids birthday party etc.

Another thing I had wanted to try for quite a while was fondant.  I just bought store bought since it was my first time and I figured rolling it out would be difficult enough.  I kept it simple and didn’t try to dye it or anything like that- just did a simple white layer of fondant on which I could place the 23(since it was her 23rd birthday) cake pop cupcakes.  

When it was done, I decorated it with some simple icing sprinkles and wrote the message and packaged it up.  It was a pretty enjoyable process but it definitely didn’t look perfect- it would be greatto take a decorating class in the future and learn how to do some of the more detailed stuff.  I am also reminded how out of shape my upper body is by the pain I feel and can only assume came from rolling the fondant for a few minutes!!

2 responses to “Adventures with Cake

  1. If we were any similar, you’d think we were related. I went out and bought a tub of fondant this weekend because I wanted to try it out and I was just talking about it at lunch. We are so weird.

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