Behr ultra paint review

So this may seem like a bad attempt at catching up on posts but I just wanted to write a very quick review of the Behr Ultra paint many of you may have seen on tv.

It is around $45/gallon and is meant to be a primer and paint in one. We used it both on bare drywall and on bare wood panelling. It worked wonderfully for both applications. I used 1 full coat and a half a coat(if there is such a thing). On bare drywall with no extra primer, 1.5 coats, wasabi green paint. I was pretty impressed. In fact two of the 3 colours we used were quite intense colours and they both covered extremely well.

We have been busy working on some bigger projects here at home(more to come later) so I thought I would end my drought with this recommendation for a reasonably priced, high quality paint.

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