There Aren’t Enough Hours in a Day

For everything that Martha Stewart claims she does to fit.

Monday night Aaron skipped his weekly bike so that he could stay home with Myles while I headed to Toronto to go see Martha Stewart with Kara at the Unique Lives and Experiences series. She was as expected a captivating speaker and seemed surprisingly down-to-earth (even though I know she’s not as evidenced by the description and picture of her on her “economical” honeymoon where she bought her first Chanel jacket). Mm hmm..
I must admit her accomplishments are admirable as are her abilities to multitask and apparently live the life of a Mennonite while also working on wall street and looking after a baby in her earlier years. She did state that sleep is not a necessity for her and that she is very organized but she must also be very good at delegating because when we talked about it afterwards, her lifestyle just didn’t fit into a 24/7 schedule.

In any case, it was a good night out with my sister and I really enjoyed getting to see the woman behind the magazine I read and the recipes I make in person even if it was so high up that the picture I took only shows a blob of light.


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