Black Paint Makes Everything Look Better

Or at least a lot of things, including this bed and dresser turned entertainment cabinet.  


I got this bed when I was twelve or so and at the time loved the light unfinished pine look but over the years styles have changed and the bed turned more of an orange colour and got some bumps and paint marks from being taken apart and moved so many times.  I wanted to move this bed into Myles’ room instead of the large queen that was in there to free up some space but it needed a facelift so the easiest thing I could think to do to it was pull out my communal can of black paint which I share with my sister-in-law and has probably painted a couple dozen pieces of furniture between the two of us.  I took it outside to paint and between Myles’ excellent nap and the beautiful sun and breeze, the bed was painted and dry within a couple of hours.  I moved it in and it looks great, it breaks up all the white furniture nicely.


This dresser used to be Aaron’s and it was in really bad condition.  The sides were pulling of the rest of the frame and it was dinged up and the drawers were awful to pull out.  Sorry for the bad before picture but you get the idea.  I had to drill a big hole and countersink a screw in the sides in order to reattach them securely and while that made the structure look much sturdier, the drawers are still awful to pull out, but as an entertainment cabinet that isn’t near as big a deal as if it were a dresser.  In fact, I don’t think I have opened the drawers once in the past 2 months.  I took the top drawer out completely and used the bottom of that drawer as a shelf to set Apple TV on etc.  I then painted the whole unit black and decided to accent the shelf area with some green paint.  I also switched out the hardware and voila! A new entertainment cabinet, and one Myles can’t roll under!


3 responses to “Black Paint Makes Everything Look Better

  1. As if you painted that bed already!! Looks great! That black paint has super magical powers:). . .and I do love what you did with the dresser. I agree the drawers were horrible to open. . .although I know you think it’s ‘Myles’ proof right now cause he can’t get under it. . .he IS going to be standing soon enough and his little fingers will get into your apple tv. .!! lol Then you will be thankful for sticky hard to open ‘kid proof’ drawers!!

  2. Oh he already has! haha but at least there’s really nothing to the apple tv, no holes to stick things in, no cords really, etc, and yes if I cant open the drawers, then he definitely won’t be able to!

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