Japanese Maple: Before and After

The hilarity of this event probably won’t come through in these pictures but I was left half in tears that our tree had a big hole in it, half dying of laughter because of the same reason and Aaron was left saying “It looked good from inside the tree”.  Our beautiful Japanese maple had become a gigantic red puffball over the past three years of being here so I finally convinced Aaron that we should tackle it Friday night even though we really had no idea what we were doing.  I was supposed to be standing giving guidance while he went inside the tree to trim out limbs.  I got side tracked and next thing I knew there was a big hole in the tree!  After getting it all trimmed and evened out though, it really does look better and I can see out my front window again!  Now hopefully the sun turns what is left red again.  

Before:  Big puffball


After:  The house is visible again


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