Distressed Chair and Forehead

After seeing how easy it was to distress furniture by giving it a glaze in the last project, I decided to paint a chair from our basement red and put a black glaze overtop.  I spray painted the red on, which was a huge mess and resulted in what looked like a crime scene in our backyard and because I had to do it outside it took a really long time to dry since it’s cold out.  Next time I think I’ll stick to the good old brush! Aside from the mess and long drying time, it ended up coming out okay.  The finish wasn’t great because it was also misting outside but if you don’t look at it really close it looks fairly smooth and the colour of red is awesome.  Nice and bright :).  I used the same technique for the glaze as the dresser and this is how it turned out.





If you are wondering about the second part of the title of this post, it’s in reference to my poor firstborn.  Last week after a long day with no sleep, we attended a function at our church.  When Myles is tired, he doesn’t slow down, in fact he speeds up but becomes aimless and clumsy in his actions.  To make a long story short he ran headfirst into a pole and got a huge bump on his head which turned into a huge bruise.  Here is a picture of him days later.  Ouch.


We tried to put ice on it the night it happened but putting ice on an overtired 2-year-olds head was nearly impossible.  Anyway he forgot about it by the next morning.


3 responses to “Distressed Chair and Forehead

  1. I have those exact same chairs! If I would have known, I would have bought it from you 🙂 I need a fourth to complete my kitchen table 🙂

  2. Haha Krystle! I actually have two but I might use both at either end of the table eventually. Sarah has them too because we split a set from a yardsale! Lol check restore though they have a bunch of chairs right now.

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