Christmas Celebrations


We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas this past December.  On so many occasions over the holidays I was reminded of the countless blessings in my life as well as the grace I have recieved through Jesus that all started with that quiet event so many years ago when a little baby who was everything made himself nothing and was born in a stable.  

I hope you all experienced the wonder that Christmas can bring through time spent with family, catching up with loved friends, the generosity of others, the incredible food we are able to enjoy and the beauty of the season.  Here is a quick photo recap of some of the highlights of our Christmas.

Started out with a long overdue and hilarious visit with these great ladies:


Then my sister’s family came to spend a few days with us and Myles got to spend some time with his cousin:


On Christmas day we had gift-giving festivities (in case you are wondering, Aaron is receiving cheese in the last picture, which he requested):


On Boxing day, we loaded up and drove 21 hours to beautiful Colorado to spend a week with Aaron’s family.  While we were there we hung out and played games with family, went skiing, ice skating and Myles’ highlight was that he got to go up in a real airplane, flown by Aaron’s cousin Ben.  He was extremely pumped about that!



It was a great holiday season and we are happy to be back and in the swing of our normal routine.  And a note of excitement is that Myles has decided to be a big kid and use the toilet!  My job just got a little easier!

2 responses to “Christmas Celebrations

  1. I LOVED your Christmas greeting, how creative and cute, haha, the tree on Myles car was really adorable. Also – so much fun that Myles went for his first airplane ride – you know we Hodgson’s always appreciate a good plane ride 🙂

  2. Just catching up on your blog now and love the picture of us from the traditional Christmas visit! Miss you girls xoxo

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