Sprucing up knobs

I first saw this idea on Young House Love and kept making a mental note to try it.  So one afternoon I bought a can of Rustoleum’s oil rubbed bronze and a can of aged copper spray paint and tackled taking all the doorknobs on our main floor off (which wasn’t as difficult as I was anticipating).  I bought the oil rubbed bronze for the majority of the doors, but the aged copper was for the hallway doors which I was planning on painting black.  I thought the oil rubbed bronze would be too dark and wouldnt show up against the black.

Here is a before:


After I took the knobs off I sanded them lightly.


Then I gave them two light coats of the spray paint.


Lastly, I put the knobs back on the doors.


I really liked how both colours turned out.  The finish is really nice and gives new life to the knobs.  I wasn’t about to spend the money to replace each of the knobs with new ones, so at around $8 for each can of paint, it was a cheap way to spruce things up.  The paint has held up really well for the past month or so since I did the project and doesn’t seem like it will chip.  This is a great idea for any hardware that you are looking to modernize such as cabinet handles, light fixtures or furniture legs as it is quick, easy and subsantially less money than buying all new.


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