Baby bedding

I moved Leah’s crib into our room a couple of weeks ago so I could do some rearranging in Myles’ room and since it seems she will be in our room for a while yet(unless of course it becomes her room in which case she will be in there permanently-more to come on that down the road).  I bought some fabric at joann’s the last time we were in port Huron and made a simple bedding set for Leah’s crib.  I was going to buy a more femenine coloured fitted crib sheet from Target for her bed but then noticed they had an entire toddler bedding(aka crib bedding with a pillow case and flat sheet) for a couple bucks less than just the crib sheet.  So I bought that instead.  I wasn’t going to go with purple but that is what it came in and I’m cheap thrifty, so I changed my plans and found fabric to coordinate with the purple.


I love the pattern on the flannel even though Aaron says he doesn’t understand what cats, bears, bunnies, apples, trees, ladybugs, mushrooms, dogs, houses, fish, stars, hot air balloons, birds etc., etc. have to do with each other (not everything has to have a theme!).

I used the flat sheet that came in the toddler bedding set to make the back of the duvet, then made a ruffled crib skirt.  Well half of one.  I made the side and front then tried it on to see how it was looking and left it there.

I’m looking for a new paint colour for the room now too since its been a few years and it’s time for a change.  Or am I the only wierd one who thinks its time to change a paint colour after only a few years?

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