New stuff on the walls


I kept all of Leah’s hospital stuff as well as the outfit she wore home safe in one spot until I had time to get a shadow box and put together her memory box like I did for Myles.  It includes her measurements on the tape they used, her cord clamp, her pink hat(which is so special to me because I remember looking over at the warmer right before she was born and seeing the nurse setting out a blue hat and a pink hat and wondering to myself which hat we wouldn’t need), my bracelet, her bracelets, her ultrasound photo and her footprints which we had to do once we got home because they don’t do them at LHSC unless you pay(and you can see I slipped on her left foot).

I put up her memory box as well as Myles’ and some other pictures as a little gallery in our hallway and then had a large print of each of their baby photos printed to frame and hang in the living room.  In case you are wondering we had Stephanie Gascho Photography do both of our newborn shoots.  I love looking at these photos of my little babies because they just didn’t stay little for very long and the photos really are beautiful.  They were both two weeks old when these were taken.  

I’m really happy to have some new more personalized artwork up on the walls.  Now if I could just get around to printing some of our wedding photographs from almost 5 years ago!

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