Sitting in a church pew

We picked up this the other weekend.


It’s a 10′ long church pew in pieces that we crammed in our van and drove home from Woodstock with it hanging out the tailgate. I often wonder if our children think we are weird.  Well Leah probably doesn’t notice yet but Myles is maybe getting to the age where he wonders why we are driving him around the countryside with a big pile of wood beside him, blankets piled on him and the tailgate wide open.

Anyway this thing is nice and solid and 10′ long so it almost goes wall to wall.  We wanted to build a built-in bench along the wall so we could push the table out of the way and extend the table to fit more people.  Aaron figured just buying a church pew would save a lot of time and money.  We found one on kijiji that fit the bill and brought it home, painted it black and assembled it.  For now black works the best for us but maybe someday down the road we would strip and stain it to match whatever we have going on then.  The main thing is it’s the size we wanted and is fairly comfortable.


Ugh. We really need to get rid of the spaceship light over the table.

One response to “Sitting in a church pew

  1. LOVE IT, looks so great!!! What a perfect spot in your home for it too! (now you can fit at least 5 more kids around that table at dinner 😉

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