A Little Exterior Sprucing Up

The new house was looking a little blah so while Aaron was working away inside I gave it a little sprucing up outside.  I wanted a yellow door and decided on Benjamin Moore’s Stuart Gold but after I painted the door, the black shutters were looking a little too stark.  I chose Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain for the shutters to tone them down a notch and give them just a little bit of colour and decided to paint the garage door as well. ImageImage

We also took the screen door off.  We don’t use ours now because we have air conditioning and we really enjoy it in the summer and the new house has it so chances are slim we will become people who don’t use A/C and leave our screen door open.  There are a few weeks in the spring and fall that it would be nice to have the door open but I also prefer the look of a front door without a screen so in this case form wins.

Since you can now see the door, I put the house numbers on it.  I took them off of the old paint-chipping-wood plaque and spray painted them in Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze and then screwed them into the solid wood door.  I also spray painted the hardware on the door.

Aaron changed the light fixtures at the front and back of the house so they now tie in nicely with the newly painted number and hardware.

After all the painting was finished I did a little bit of gardening to put on the final touch.

Here’s a before and after:



And a close up of the front door before and after:

IMG_4380_2 IMG_4400

It feels much fresher now and has a little more character.  The door makes me smile!

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