A Tour of Our New Little Project


For our 5th anniversary, we bought ourselves a house!  Well it just happened to all unfold on our anniversary.  The house right across the street from ours came up for sale a couple days before and I had mentioned something to Aaron about it but we assumed that it would be listed for much higher than we were willing to pay for a fixer upper.  The next day though I looked it up online and we were surprised to see that it was listed very reasonably so Aaron gave me the go-ahead to look at it that afternoon.  It needed cosmetic work but it was a solid house and had a great layout and really wonderful, large yard so Aaron told me to put an offer in.  I guess we weren’t the only ones who thought it was a good buy, because there ended up being 4 offers that went in on the house.  And we happened to get it by $500.  Happy Anniversary to us 🙂  So, here is a little tour of it as it was when we took possession.  We have already begun work on it and I am excited to share posts as we make progress.  Just so you know as you are looking through the pictures, we are planning on replacing the following:

All of the flooring



Joining the kitchen and dining room 

Bathroom vanity, floor and walls

Revamping the fireplace surround

New interior doors

Maybe a new front door



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