A Type Of Mustard I Can Handle

I don’t like mustard. It really makes me gag. I have tried to eat things with it on even recently and while I’ve matured enough to not immediately spit it out(Aaron might argue this point), it is not at all enjoyable. I like it okay if it’s in a sauce or something….okay enough about my preferences on condiments, the real point of this post is to talk about a new paint I’ve been experimenting with lately. Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. It’s really cool and I get excited talking about it. It comes in a little bag like this.

Inside the bag is powder that you mix with water and that makes the paint. It’s all natural and non toxic and a bunch of other good things that I don’t remember because I am no longer looking at the bag but most importantly it looks really cool when used to paint furniture. There are a ton of tutorials online if you search it, including some fabulous video tutorials by Miss Mustard Seed herself so I won’t get into the details of each step I took.

You can use the paint in two ways. Either on raw wood where it will stay put forever due to the fact that it acts like a stain and soaks right into the wood or on previously finished wood. This is what I have done all 4 times I have used it. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a bit of a slammer and just like to get things done so I absolutely love that using this paint involves NO PREP WORK. No sanding, no esping(I dunno I read it on Pinterest), no tsping, no washing, heck I barely ever dust before I start. When you use it in this way, the paint gets a personality of it’s own and does cool things like repels in areas and then when it dries(which takes less than 30 minutes-hello slammer friendly!) it flakes and chips off in areas. Or it might not. But then you can sand it down really easy to achieve a worn look. Miss Mustard Seed mentions in her videos that it isn’t a great paint for those type A’s that like control and perfection in every little detail but thankfully(maybe sometimes not) I am not one of those type A people. In 2/4 of the projects I’ve done, no chipping occurred, just a really nice solid colour. In one there was a little bit of chipping and in the most recent there was lots! That’s the one I’ll show you. When you are done painting and scraping off any chips and doing any additional sanding, you throw a coat of wax on and I really like this part, it brings out the depth in the colour and seals everything up nicely.

So here is my little dresser before. It had a blotchy reddish stain on it with some finish of some sort that had a funny smell.


Here it is after. I used linen(the white) and kitchen scale(the turquoise). For the top I used another cool product, Minwax polyshades, which is a stain and poly in one that you use right overtop of the old finish, to darken up the stain a bit.




I really like it. I think it will look great in Leah’s new room. It also has a beautiful mirror that goes with it that I have yet to tackle.

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