Underground Rescue

Our basement is currently gross. It’s starting to be not gross but we have plans for it to be nice. It was once finished but a burst pipe rendered it floorless and left nasty looking stains all over the walls, not to mention the walls were covered in smoke stained blue wallpaper which covered poorly executed drywall. The condition of the basement was one of the reasons the price of the house was low. So far we have stripped most of the wallpaper and Aaron has patched in some of the rotting drywall as well as built a little wall in front of where our sump pump is. He’s also switched out all the old disgustingly yellow ceiling tiles with new white ones and put in better lighting. We still need to finish stripping the paper and cleaning the walls, Aaron needs to redo a lot of the mudding and then there will be painting, flooring and finishing! We are just chipping away at it a little each night after the kids go to bed but I will post significant updates as I am able. Hopefully within the month we will have brought this space out of a horror film and have a new family/play room. Here’s some before/progress photos.





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