Underground Rescue Part II

We spent the weekend working on our basement and we almost finished it.  We(okay mostly my wonderful husband) were on a roll and it was one of the odd times that we seemed to accomplish more than we were expecting to.  Friday I gave a final sanding to the drywall and primed and painted, then Friday evening Aaron laid the floor.  Saturday he finished the ceiling tile, trim, outlets and switches and a little hvac fix while I stained the wood column, did some paint touch ups, puttied nail holes and built another picture ledge for the basement.  We finished last night with enough time to watch a movie in the new room!  We are likely going to add a few more lights, still need to officially hang the door to the “bathroom” a.k.a. empty storage room with no plumbing and I haven’t really put anything on the walls yet aside from what I quickly found and threw on the picture ledge.  Nonetheless this feels like a finished space, not the disgusting mess we were half using before.

We did things as cheaply as possible since this will be a family room/play room that will be used by children and we anticipate it looking used with time.  Additionally, we are not willing to go into any debt aside from our mortgage so if we wanted to finish this space we needed to be able to cash flow it.  The ceiling tiles came from a buy and sell group(the person had bought all of the tiles from a Zellers that closed) and we paid $100 for all of them.  The paint is Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa which is awesome stuff because it is mildew resistant, has a matte finish and is washable!  It is EXPENSIVE paint but I had a loyalty card from our local Ben Moore and we bought all of the paint for our house(in the cheaper contractor grade) so I had a free can waiting for me.  I did purchase the second can(it was on sale) which brought the total for paint to $75.  The mud and drywall(just a few pieces to patch in was around $100, the wood was around $100.  Our floor was on sale for $0.66 a sq. ft which made it around $300 plus $150 for the air gap system that goes underneath it.  Trim and other odds and ends probably brought us up to around $1000 total.  That always seems to be a goal of ours, “let’s keep it under a grand”.  This isn’t the Taj Mahal, but we are looking forward to some more usable space :).

So here are the pictures.  I know they aren’t the greatest photos ever taken, it’s a basement so there’s no natural light plus I’m not a photographer, so try and look past the quality of the pictures for me k?

Here’s our before shots.  I think I’ve made it clear how gross I think it was.


Work had begun here but it still looks like a bomb went off.


Now things are looking better.

IMG_5737 IMG_5753 IMG_5754 IMG_5755

Furniture moved back in.


Notice I redid our coffee table.  The green on the bottom clashed with the couch and I figured while I was at repainting it, I may as well sand down the top and stain it.  I think the wood gives a little more warmth to the space.


Evelyn was keeping her eye on me.

IMG_5774 IMG_5773 IMG_5758IMG_5767

This space was such a drastic transformation to us and we are really happy with what a small amount of money and some elbow grease can do!

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