sold signSo, just as we finished the last few things we planned to do in our current home, we placed it on the market.  Then I frantically followed my children around, wiping up messes, picking up toys and trying to prevent them from wrecking any pieces of the physical structure like a crazy woman for a month a half of showing after showing until finally we had a buyer.  And now we have a month and a bit to get our life packed up and start a new adventure.

We bought another house and it needs an overhaul.  We are really excited to get to work and have started getting our plans figured out for each room.  It’s a solid, red brick home with nice high ceilings on a small property in the country, and we plan to: insulate and finish the huge unfinished walk-up attic, re-drywall all the ceilings, strip wallpaper from every single room, repair the plaster walls underneath, refinish all the floors, paint everything, replace the kitchen, make a larger opening between the kitchen and dining room, change up the bathrooms a bit, put patio doors from the kitchen to a deck, build a deck, re-side some of the exterior additions, move laundry to the second floor, install cabinetry in the entrance, add an exterior wood stove and plant some trees/landscaping.  There’s probably more that I’m forgetting.  There’s also a good chance we will run out of money before it all gets done ;).

We are planning on working our way from top to bottom.  The attic really is a large space and we need it for the kids.  We would like an area that serves the same purpose as our basement now does, a room they can have all their toys in and run around in etc.  So we are putting priority on finishing it first, once it’s done(or while it’s being done by Aaron) we will work on getting the bedroom level finished.  It’s probably the floor that requires the least amount of work-wallpaper removal, new ceilings, either refinished or new floors depending on what’s underneath the carpet, and fresh paint.  Then we can move in.  At that point we will continue working on the main floor.  We aren’t 100% sure what our plan is while we are working on the first phase but it will probably involve living in a mix of our trailer and Aaron’s parents house.  Wish us luck! Ha!

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