Under all the old carpet and layers of linoleum we knew there was a wood floor, so our plan was to refinish it because it’s economical and because who doesn’t love 100+ year old wood floors?  They come with all the character that 100 years gives, including dings and squeaks and holes that need to be patched but they have a beauty that is hard to replicate, so we are embracing that character!  These floors are not maple as we originally thought, instead they are 1 1/4″ random width pine.  Soft wood instead of hard, but still really beautiful.  Over the past couple days Aaron has been patching a bunch of big holes that were part of the old HVAC system.  I made a trip to Hoffmeyer’s mill in Sebringville, where I bought some pine tongue and groove porch flooring to patch in the holes.  He tried to stagger the pieces he patched in so that they won’t be so obvious once it’s all done. 

These are the kinds of holes we were dealing with.

And this is how he patched them in.

We rented the orbital sander first but the boards were kind of uneven and it wasn’t really touching the finish, so Aaron went back and got the drum sander which is working much better.

This is where we are at now.

You maybe will notice that we took a wall down!  It’s between the kitchen and dining room(where I am standing to take this picture) and it makes everything feel so much larger and open.  We also took down the dropped ceiling and have some special plans for the kitchen ceiling which I will share later.  

It’s been crazy with the kids and renovating and the busyness of summer and I’m really starting to lose steam, but with each step things become closer and that’s exciting.  Glad I can share our bits of excitement with you.

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