Done enough

I think that’s my new motto.  I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been a perfectionist but especially now and especially since it’s our own, I’ve lowered my standards on what finished is.  So, on that note, I’m going to give you a little tour of our done enough kitchen. For the record, it just needs some final trim work.. and a pot filler at my tea station. Because yes it’s nessecary.
Maybe we’ll start with some befores, so that you’ll like the finished product that much more. Haha?  Okay then. When we moved in, there was a well-kept, perfectly serviceable oak kitchen, with a vinyl floor that was in decent shape; the top layer of about 6 layers of floor/subfloor.  It was small, the layout wasn’t great given that we were taking the wall out between the kitchen and dining room, it smelled(along with the rest of the house) of cigarette smoke, and most of all, it just wasn’t my style. (Sorry most of these photos aren’t at a great angle and have crying children in them)

Here are a few pictures of us working on it.

Yep, that’s a mouse skeleton I found under the cabinets, but it was nothing compared to the dozens that fell when we pulled the ceiling down.

Okay, that was more than a few, sorry ’bout that.  

Now on to the #notquitefinishedbutisaiditwouldnttaketwomonthsandittooklonger photos!

I love this view. If you were to use the front door, which we only really do in the summer, this is what you would walk in to see.  And it’s what we see first when we come downstairs in the morning-except it’s not always this clean. We didn’t have enough room for an overhang and stools, so I went with two 15″ bases back to back and I’m really enjoying having drawers on both sides.  Plus I think it looks really pretty rather than a plain back to the island.

This is my pantry.  We did a furniture kick instead of a regular toe kick to make the cabinets look more custom. Like the bakery sign I painted?

We used IKEA cabinets again because we love them, and I chose Grimslov in white for the perimeter cabinets and Grimslov wood finish for the island, which I then scuffed up and sprayed with Benjamin Moore gray horse.  The countertop is Caesar Stone ocean foam.  It’s quartz and so far we really like it.  We ordered it through IKEA using the gift cards we got back from the kitchen sale.  They contract the work out and the company that did it, did a good job.

To the left of my fridge is my small appliance cabinet.  It’s so nice having everything together in one spot.

This is my tea station.  We purchased a Kurig because we don’t drink coffee (although Aaron jumped ship on me this summer and started drinking it occasionally for it’s ability to keep him awake while working) and don’t make coffee, so this allows friends/family to make their own.  My favourite part is the drawer with lighting.  It didn’t cost much to add and while not really needed, IT’S COOL.  We have a pot filler in the drawer ready to install on the wall here so that it’s easy to fill the Kurig and kettle.

Another one of my favourite things is the integrated dishwasher.  We had one at our last house too but the drawer panels disguise this one even better.  Our garbage is a pull out from under the sink and it’s made to match the drawers as well.

Well, there you have it.  We are really enjoying the new space and I hope you’ve enjoyed your tour.

2 responses to “Done enough

  1. Hey! I’m about to embark on a ikea reno in the coming weeks and your blog is such an inspiration. I was not sure I could stand the creaminess of the grimslov cabinets but it looks great in your kitchen esp. with the quartz you chose. I was seriously about to ditch the ikea kitchen idea tonight because I wasn’t sure I could get the look I want but you gave me hope.

    A question: how did you make the furniture style toekicks? Did you do that yourselves or is that some kind of ikea hack?


    • Thanks so much Grace! The grimslov is a little creamy but I definitely would say it looks white. The quartz(which is ocean foam). Is a little whiter, but it really doesn’t bother me, I like a little bit of layering of white. We made the toe kicks ourselves just using an mdf baseboard from Home Depot. It has a bead across the top to give it a bit more detail instead of just using a flat piece of mdf. Then I drew a template and we traced it on and used a jigsaw to cut it out. My husband pieced mdf in behind to support it and nailed it on. I love customising Ikea kitchens with little details like this, and it’s very easy to do with the white cabinets because you can paint all your trim pieces to match. Best of luck with your new kitchen!

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