Paint, Kijiji and a Friend’s Cross Country Move

These are the things that we used to make our basement family room more of a place we would want to spend time together as a family.  It was a quick fix which involved painting the panelling charcoal grey(Benjamin Moore Amherst Grey), purchasing a sofa off of Kijiji and pretty much stealing the rest from a school friend who was moving cross country.  Oh and the tv we got from my sister for helping them pick up a sofa they bought from Kijiji. 

Here is the room before we got the house


Here is the before and after of the room once the house was ours


I was a bit worried about painting the room so dark but paint is a super easy mess-up to fix so I gave it a go and am happy with the cozy feel it gives the room.  

2 responses to “Paint, Kijiji and a Friend’s Cross Country Move

  1. Yo, if painting is super-easy, you should totally come and paint our place for us. I’ll look after Myles while you slap a couple coats on 🙂

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