Coffee Table Upgrade


We spend a lot of time in our basement now that it has been redone. All of Myles’ toys are down there so during the day that’s where we are and at night it’s the furthest place in the house from Myles’ bedroom so we can watch movies etc. and know that we won’t wake him. If we happen to get Myles to bed extra early we bring our dinner down to the couch and watch something on tv while we eat so we thought it would be nice to have a surface that we could eat off of as well as play board games on etc.

I went to the restore looking for a round coffee table but instead found this octagon shaped one. It’s solid oak and very sturdy so when you put your feet on it it doesn’t budge. It also has a space underneath that Aaron and I both commented would make an excellent addition to a couch fort someday!


I first sanded the table down so that it would be roughed up and accept paint well. If you were really doing a thorough job you may have also primed the table, but I am what Aaron calls a slammer and if I think something will work without doing extra work, I just do it so it’s done. It worked fine and I painted it with- you guessed it- black paint! I also added some spice by painting the base the same wasabi green that is under the chair rail in the room. Once everything was dry I lightly sanded the edges to show a bit of the wood and give it a “distressed” look. I haven’t yet because as previously mentioned I am a slammer and like to be using things the same day I purchase and redo them- but will add a coat of varathane to protect the unfinished edges and paint on the table top.


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