New Back Door/Dog Letter-Outer


We have had a fabulous winter for projects; there have only been a handful of really snowy days and many where the snow melted and it felt like early spring. We are currently in the process of building a garage which you will hear about later but in late fall one morning, Aaron decided it was the day to install the door we had purchased months earlier for our dining room.

Until then we had no access to our backyard from the back of our house which meant that things like BBQing and letting the dog out were more work than they needed to be. We had a window in our dining room that was in the perfect location for a door so we ordered a single out swing garden door that wouldn’t take up any space swinging into our dining room but was very easy to open and close 4-5 times per day to let the dog out.

The process went smoothly and only took the Saturday to complete. Through no planning of our own the door ended up being the same height and slightly narrower than the current opening for the window, so Aaron just had to frame in the sides of the opening a bit and cut out below the current hole for the door to slide right in. Well it was maybe a bit more complicated than that but overall it went very well and by the time the sun went down there wasn’t a hole to the outside so that was success!

After the drywall was patched and the opening was trimmed it was hard to even imagine a door wasn’t there before. It is very convenient and it’s one of Myles favourite places to stand and watch what’s going on outside.

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