Another Slipcover Score

A couple of months ago I noticed that Ikea was discontinuing a few of the colours in the Karlstad slipcovers(which is the model of sofas we have).  Green was one of them which was exciting because green is my favourite colour and because we already had the sofa cover in green and would only need the loveseat and chaise covers.

This was during the Ikea summer sale and Aaron and I took a look at what the two covers would cost.  Unfortunately even though they were on sale, they were still way more than I was willing to pay.  I guess I had been spoiled by the $5 slipcovers I got the last time.  The regular price on the loveseat cover was $229 and the chaise cover was $130 but I think with the discount it was still going to be around $200 for both of the covers.  Like I said, that just wasn’t a good enough deal. 

A month or so passed and I sent my sister a text to ask her if she wouldn’t mind looking the next time she was in Ikea to see if they had the green covers still.  She went that afternoon for me and reported that they did have the chaise cover for I think around $10, but she had asked about the loveseat cover and there were no more left in all of Canada, which was bad news because it was now discontinued.  I had her pick up the cover they did have since it was only $10 and could go with the sofa even if the loveseat didn’t match, and in the meantime I would keep an eye out on kijiji.  

I never did have any luck finding it used but then on Saturday night, we went to Toronto to celebrate my Mom’s birthday for dinner with my sister and brother.  Afterwards we went to Ikea and visited our favourite section-As Is.  I saw a few piles of green covers but of course there were no loveseat covers.  Then I noticed a large stack of chair covers and got thinking that the cushions on the chair seemed to be about the same size as the cushions on the loveseat.  And because the Karlstad series is a modular system, I knew the arms would fit the arms of the loveseat.  So if I got two chair covers and the cushions happened to work then I would just need to find a way to make the base covers fit one loveseat instead of two chairs.  The covers were $12 each so I figured for $24, if it didn’t work, I would have extra fabric to make cushions or I could just sell them.


The next day I got everything out of the package and first tried the chair cushion covers on the loveseat cushions.  My estimation that they were the same size as the chair cushions was a little off.  By about 1.5″  but they did squeeze in and it wasn’t obvious that they were a bit small.

The next task was to sort out the base cover.  Here is what the previous cover which was meant for the loveseat looks like.


Here I laid out the separate chair covers to see what I had to work with.


Then I ripped out any of the seams on the edges that I would need to sew together.


After that I just sewed a simple seam down the center.


And then I stretched the cover on(stretched because it was a pretty tight fit!)


And here it is after with all of the cushions on.


I can’t believe there was such an easy solution to not being able to get a loveseat cover.  And it was a great deal too!  In total it was $34 dollars for the loveseat and chaise covers and just a few months ago, before any of them were marked down, they would have cost $359(not that I would EVER have paid that).  

So all in all, I was quite excited about this purchase.  It’s really nice to be able to switch up the covers to freshen up a room!  And getting a bargain is one of my favourite things to do!


One response to “Another Slipcover Score

  1. Genious. .. just genious!!. . .but seriously??. . .you are about to have a baby and you’re ripping your living room apart sewing couch covers?!! You are something else my friend!! Looks great by the way!

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