The Ledge


Right this minute the people who have purchased our house are across the street doing their final walk through. It’s weird watching someone walking into your house knowing it’s not going to be yours anymore. Although it was handy being across the street while we were working on the new house and during the move, I think detaching ourselves from the old house might be a bit more difficult than it normally would be. We had a lot of memories there…but on an exciting note, Leah began walking yesterday; our first big memory in this house.

This isn’t what this post is about. It’s about a picture ledge. If you google it or enter it into Pinterest you will find lots of tutorials on how to make one. I think I ended up using an Anna White tutorial but basically it’s 3 pieces of wood. Two eight foot 1×4’s and one eight foot 1×2. You screw/ nail/ glue them all together and then paint and then screw to the wall into studs. I know I’m being vague but there really are a ton of tutorials and it’s a really easy design. I used pine and I paid around $16 for all my materials. I painted it black to match all my frames.
This is such a great way to get that collage look without having to drill 16 carefully planned holes. Once the shelf was up it took me about 32.7 seconds to get my pictures up. And I can change them around or add other pieces whenever I want. I hung it a little higher than I probably would have if I didn’t have small children. Overall a nice simple project that gives impact.


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